Top SEO Strategies for Companies in Toronto

Many companies emphasize on using only one seo strategy and therefore do not achieve much success. The trick to a successful seo strategy is trying relevant use of as many combined techniques as possible, from mobile seo, social media optimization, video, and blogging. In addition, seo is largely an evolving area.

Below are some of the seo techniques for seo companies in Toronto in 2016.

1. Video and live-streaming

It is a known tradition: online video is much more popular and preferred than written content. Video seo has gained popularity with the rising support from search engines to enable and enhance video searches and from dedicated channels such as YouTube. Although the traditional video method is still popular for branding and addressing your audience, a few who have been contacting seo companies in Toronto will be exploiting 360 degree and virtual reality videos to spice up their marketing. Live streaming services such as services such as Facebook Live and YouTube live are gaining popularity among marketers not just because they are video, but because many people are interested in knowing what is happening around them in real time.

2. Mobile seo

Mobile, being the fastest growing digital channel, is now responsible for many online searches by potential and real customers around the globe. It is expected that companies will spend more on mobile advertising than on desktop advertising by 2018. Therefore, many companies are still contacting seo companies in Toronto to help with mobile seo.

3. Social media

Pew Research showed last year that 65% of adults are now active on social media. Many companies still look to a seo agency in Toronto to do social media optimization in order to garner more audience and for direct selling and win. Search media optimization, when done by a professional seo agency in Toronto, goes beyond establishing a mere social media page and a seo agency in Toronto should be in a position to guide you how to leverage social media for local Toronto audience, national coverage and international audience.

Social media optimization gains popularity for a company if the content makes sense for their marketing, if the content gets shared by many people, and the company is able to get more convertible clicks on their website or direct orders.

4. Localization of content and content marketing

Content marketing has been around for a long time now and more to that, companies now focus on localization of content around their area of operation. Localization, which can be done with the help of a seo agency in Toronto, means your content becomes more relevant, quickly and easily visible to your local audience who need the products and services that you deal in. If your audience in Toronto searches for a product to buy on search engines, for example, they should be able to first see your company that sells that product in the area.

5. Micro-partnership in sharing content

In all seo engagements, creating compelling content is key to a successful marketing campaign. However, the focus shifts more on visibility of that content to a large audience whether it is ordinary website articles, blogs or infographics. Some companies, with the help of seo companies in Toronto, are exploiting other avenues of making sure their content is distributed across the internet platforms other than mere posting their content with third party blogging sites. One such strategy is partnering with other like minded parties to swap blogs where one company posts your blog across their content platforms and channels while you post theirs in your channels.

This does not nullify using avenues such as blogs, and social media to seed your content. You can also reach a seo agency in Toronto to learn how to do content seeding.


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